Innovative solutions for critical industry 5.0 skills

K-ontact is the first complete software solution dedicated to the capitalization and transmission of all the know-how of your technicians, whether procedural or integrated into a business gesture .

K-ontact offers a continuous service solution ranging from autonomous training ( e-learning ) to in-company learning at the workplace ( learning by doing in English, Action de Formation en Situation de Travail (AFEST) in French) based on the same training content . The K-ontact solution ensures continuity of training for field operators in industry.

The methodological and software approach of the K-ontact solution meets the need of the industrial market to structure and accelerate the capitalization and transmission of critical know-how in technical professions.

The K-ontact solution in a nutshell:
– interactivity,
– modularity,
– standardization of knowledge,
– educational continuity,
– professional gesture of technicians/companions/workers,
– voice assistance,
– multimedia.